Meet Our Board

Todd Carver, Board of Education

Mr. Todd Carver, District 7 - Chairman

Mr. Richard Todd Carver was elected to the Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education in December 2018. 

Mr. Carver ran for the school board to make sure there was a representative from his district.  He wants to ensure that citizens are getting the best value for the tax dollars the district receives.  He believes that the district is in the business of educating children and it should be done as efficiently as possible. He also wants to work every day to ensure the safety of our students and staff.  Mr. Carver believes that the biggest challenge currently facing the district is funding and the need to demonstrate to people how their tax dollars are used. One thing that Mr. Carver has already learned since becoming a board member is how big and complex we are.  Iredell-Statesville Schools is one of the largest employers in Iredell County.  It takes a lot of people and resources to accomplish our jobs.

Mr. Carver said he would describe himself as helpful and believes in being a resource to get work accomplished.  His favorite book is "Lessons I Learned from a Third Grade Dropout." and his favorite television show is the Andy Griffith Show.  You may find him at his favorite place to eat in Iredell County, Pomadors.  One thing you may not know about Mr. Todd Carver is that he has a true love for teaching.  

Mr. Carver who holds an Associate degree from Mitchell Community College, a Bachelor's degree from Gardner Webb University, and a Master's degree from the University of North Carolina - Charlotte.  He and his wife, Tracie have two children, Mason and Olivia.  Mason is proudly serving in the Marine Corp and Olivia is a senior at Lake Norman High School.   He believes being a good father is his most important job.

District 7: Woodland Heights, Mount Mourne, shares Lake Norman Elementary, Lake Norman High School and Brawley

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Charles Kelly, Board of Education

Mr. Charles Kelly, District 6 - Vice-Chairman

Mr. Charles Kelly was elected to the board in 2004 and is currently serving his fifteenth year on the Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education.  He describes himself as a listener and chose to run for this office to make a contribution to the community.  He believes the biggest accomplishment of the school district since becoming a member of the board of education has been the improvement of the communication among the school board members, the superintendent, the administration, and the schools.  One thing Mr. Kelly explained that he has learned since joining the school board is how much is being done to ensure that all the students in Iredell-Statesville Schools are successful.

Mr. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Science and a Master of Science degree in Biology.  He served as an instructor of biology at Mitchell Community College for 33 years along with his wife, Carolyn (deceased).  They have two children; a daughter, Crystal Kelly, who currently works at Forest Pharmaceuticals and a son, Justin Kelly, who is an entrepreneur.

District 6: Cool Spring, Shepherd, Coddle Creek

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Bill Howell, Board of Education

Mr. Bill Howell, District 2

Mr. Bill Howell was elected to the Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education in December 2016.  Mr. Howell graduated from Wingate College with an Associate in Science degree and Catawba College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Mr. Howell taught biology and coached for 30 years in North Carolina and during his tenure served as the Athletic Director at North Iredell High School. After retiring in 2004, Mr. Howell worked for the Department of Homeland Security for TSA as a Behavior Detection Officer.

Mr. Howell believes that Iredell-Statesville Schools has gone light years into the future since he left education in 2004 and strongly believes Iredell-Statesville Schools is one of the leading school systems in the nation.  He believes that one of the biggest challenges the system is facing is the need for increased funds and to get the word out to parents that public education in Iredell County is the best for their children.  Mr. Howell believes that one word to describe him would be "Tenacious" and his favorite place to eat in Iredell County is Outback.

Mr. Howell is married to Deborah.  They have two children: one daughter, Danielle Abbott and one son, Andy Howell.  Danielle and husband Joe Abbott have two children, Maggie and Eli.

District 2: Scotts, Sharon, West Iredell High, West Iredell Middle, Cloverleaf, shares Monticello

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Sam Kennington, Board of Education

Mr. Samuel Kennington, District 3

Mr. Samuel Kennington was appointed to the Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education in October 2017 to fulfill a vacant seat left by former board member Cindy Haynes.  He was elected to the board in December 2018. Mr. Kennington began his career in education in 1973 as a teacher at Statesville High School where he eventually served as an assistant principal and then as the principal for 15 years.  Prior to his retirement in 1999, Mr. Kennington served as the vocational director for the district.  His first elected office was in Person County where he served as a County Commissioner.  Mr. Kennington also helped to found a charter school and served as the principal and on its board of directors prior to moving back to the Statesville community.

Mr. Kennington and his wife have three children and five grandchildren who live in the Statesville area. 

District 3: East Iredell Elementary, Pressly, Statesville Middle, Statesville High, Northview, CCTL, N.B. Mills, Crossroads, shares Monticello

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Doug Knight, Board of Education

Dr. Doug Knight, District 4 







District 4: Celeste Henkel, Third Creek, shares South Iredell High

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Martin Page, Board of Education

Mr. Martin Page, District 5

Mr. Martin Page was elected to the Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education in Spring 2014.  Mr. Page feels that he worked very hard for 31 years making Iredell-Statesville Schools great in every way he could as a teacher and explains he wants to serve on the board to make I-SS the very best system in the state.

Mr. Page is a 38-year teaching veteran; 31 of those years here at Iredell-Statesville Schools.  He is a graduate of Wilson Technical Community College and obtained his teaching certificate hours from N.C. State, N.C. A&T State, and Appalachian State University.  Mr. Page has coached several sports at Statesville High School, including boys varsity basketball.

Over the years Mr. Page has been involved with the Troutman Youth Athletic Association, Stumpy Creek Babe Ruth, North Piedmont Babe Ruth Association and the Lake Norman Youth Athletic Conference.  In 2003, Mr. Page was one of the founders of the Lakeshore Youth Athletic Association.

While working with Iredell-Statesville Schools, Mr. Page was actively involved in the implementation of the Auto Tech Center.  He has worked to expand the Automotive Technology Center at the Career Academy and Technical School in Troutman to include a collision repair program and heavy equipment program.  

He is married to Debra Rosser Page who is a National Board Certified English Teacher that works at Mooresville High School.  They have two children Dylan, a graduate student at N.C. State, and Dane, a senior at Appalachian State.  Mr. Page and his family are active members of Rocky Mount Methodist Church.

District 5:  Troutman Elementary, Troutman Middle, Lakeshore Elementary, Lakeshore Middle, CATS, shares South Iredell High, Lake Norman Elementary, and Brawley

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Bryan Shoemaker

Mr. Bryan Shoemaker, District 1

Mr. Bryan Shoemaker was sworn into office on Tuesday, September 7, 2021, to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Mr. Ken Poindexter. As a North Iredell High School graduate, Mr. Shoemaker has expressed his desire to serve and represent the citizens in District I. He held this same office from 2010 to 2014.

Mr. Shoemaker will serve through December 2022 to fulfill Poindexter's remaining term.



District 1: Union Grove, North Iredell Middle, North Iredell High, Harmony, East Iredell Middle, Central

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