Meet Our Board

Bill Howell, Board of Education

Mr. Bill Howell, District 2 - Chairman

Mr. Bill Howell was elected to the Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education in December 2016.  Mr. Howell graduated from Wingate College with an Associate in Science degree and Catawba College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Mr. Howell taught biology and coached for 30 years in North Carolina and during his tenure served as the Athletic Director at North Iredell High School. After retiring in 2004, Mr. Howell worked for the Department of Homeland Security for TSA as a Behavior Detection Officer.

Mr. Howell believes that Iredell-Statesville Schools has gone light years into the future since he left education in 2004 and strongly believes Iredell-Statesville Schools is one of the leading school systems in the nation.  He believes that one of the biggest challenges the system is facing is the need for increased funds and to get the word out to parents that public education in Iredell County is the best for their children.  Mr. Howell believes that one word to describe him would be "Tenacious" and his favorite place to eat in Iredell County is Outback.

Mr. Howell is married to Deborah.  They have two children: one daughter, Danielle Abbott and one son, Andy Howell.  Danielle and husband Joe Abbott have two children, Maggie and Eli.

District 2: Scotts, Sharon, West Iredell High, West Iredell Middle, Cloverleaf

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Mike Kubiniec

Mr. Mike Kubiniec, District 5

Mr. Mike Kubiniec was elected to the Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education in December 2022.  






District 5: Coddle Creek

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Charles Kelly 2022

Mr. Charles Kelly, District 6 

Mr. Charles Kelly was elected to the board in 2004 and is currently serving his fifteenth year on the Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education.  He describes himself as a listener and chose to run for this office to make a contribution to the community.  He believes the biggest accomplishment of the school district since becoming a member of the board of education has been the improvement of the communication among the school board members, the superintendent, the administration, and the schools.  One thing Mr. Kelly explained that he has learned since joining the school board is how much is being done to ensure that all the students in Iredell-Statesville Schools are successful.

Mr. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Science and a Master of Science degree in Biology.  He served as an instructor of biology at Mitchell Community College for 33 years along with his wife, Carolyn (deceased).  They have two children; a daughter, Crystal Kelly, who currently works at Forest Pharmaceuticals and a son, Justin Kelly, who is an entrepreneur.

District 6: Cool Spring, Shepherd, Coddle Creek

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Doug Knight 2022

Dr. Doug Knight, District 4 

Dr. Doug Knight was elected to the Iredell-Statesville Board of Education in December 2020.






District 4: Celeste Henkel, Third Creek, shares South Iredell High

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Anita Kurn 2022

Mrs. Anita Kurn, District 7

Mrs. Anita Kurn was elected to the Iredell-Statesville Board of Education in December 2022.






District 7: 

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Brian Sloan 2022

Mr. Brian Sloan, District 1

Mr. Brian Sloan was elected and sworn in to the Iredell-Statesville Board of Education on December 5, 2022.






District 1: 

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Abby Trent 2022

Ms. Abby Trent, District 3

Ms. Abby Trent was sworn in as a member of the Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education on December 5, 2022.  She is a South Iredell High School graduate and holds an AAS in Criminal Justice Technology and an AAS in Accounting. Ms. Trent is currently employed as a staff accountant.

Ms. Trent wanted to serve on the Iredell-Statesville Board of Education because she noticed a need for a diversified school board in Iredell County and for individuals to step forward to serve in the community. 

Since becoming a board member,  Ms. Trent has learned that I-SS is facing many challenges. From funding issues to policy changes, Ms. Trent believes the board will be making the tough decisions while continuing to put the best interests of the staff, students, and parents first. She believes the biggest challenges will be building additional schools and ensuring the needs of every student in I-SS are met.

Ms. Trent says that one word she would select to describe herself is "detail-oriented." Her favorite book is "Hunger Games" and her favorite television show is "Yellowstone." One interesting fact about Ms. Trent is that she has a twin brother. Her favorite place to eat in Iredell County is Outback Steakhouse and she has four dogs that she loves very much.

District 3:  

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