Mission, Vision, Values


We are a premier school system where students come first.  All students will receive a high quality, relevant education in a safe and caring environment which will produce confident, responsible and globally competitive citizens.  Our students will be college and career ready.



Together, ensuring student success by igniting a passion for learning. 


Core Values

Strong Relationships 

WE BELIEVE that strong relationships and partnerships between all members of our organization and our community are essential to reach our goals.

THEREFORE, we will commit to work together to ensure open communication in a safe, trusting, and respectful environment; to make data-driven decisions based on input and feedback from multiple perspectives.  I-SS will strive to provide exemplary customer service to our parents, partners, students and staff to ensure satisfaction and value.

Focus on Students and Learning

WE BELIEVE our primary focus is students and learning.

THEREFORE, we will commit to provide personalized, challenging, and engaging learning opportunities for both students and staff, to take ownership of their learning and; to challenge ourselves and others to continue to improve through analysis and reflection on data and practices. 


Collaborative Approach to Success

WE BELIEVE that individuals working together in teams with a united focus are more efficient, more effective and achieve greater results.

THEREFORE, we will commit to working together to achieve our goals; to empower and engage others in our work and learning; to be respectful in our interactions; to hold ourselves accountable for the team's success and to recognize that everyone can make a positive contribution.


Pursuit of Excellence and Success  

WE BELIEVE in holding all students and staff to high expectations to ensure that all students graduate prepared for successful and productive futures.  We are committed to embracing challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and innovation.

THEREFORE, we will commit to use accurate and relevant data to make decisions; to continuously improve our instruction, operations, and interactions; to keep our focus on successful results. 


High Ethical Standards and Transparency

WE BELIEVE that all actions and decisions are rooted in fairness, respect, honesty and openness.

THEREFORE, we will commit to conducting ourselves in a civil and forthright manner in all our interactions; to making all decisions in an equitable, honorable and transparent manner.