Superintendent's Message

Greetings I-SS Families, Friends and Supporters!

I am excited to be back in Iredell County where my career in education started.  I was born and raised in Iredell County and have watched our community grow tremendously over the past years.  Had it not been for the public education system, I would not be writing this message now.  I am a firm believer that America's public education is why our country is a world leader in many ways.  It is the ingenuity and work ethic, coupled with an excellent educational foundation that has inspired millions in our country to become great leaders both nationally and internationally.

I truly believe education, and our world for that matter, are on the cusp of change.  COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the many facets of how we live, play, and educate.  Educators, like many others, have adapted and are quickly adjusting to meet our customer demands.  I speak for not only myself, but our school board and staff that we are committed to continuing to offer the best education possible. 

Iredell-Statesville has long been a leader in the educational arena and will continue to be so.  The county ranks 18th overall out of 100 North Carolina Counties in providing an excellent education, as reported by "The Roadmap of Need, 2019."  We are limited only by the barriers we allow.

I have enormous admiration for our school staff.  While it was my fifth-grade teacher Ms. Allen that changed my life, I also remember the support staff that always had a smile or kind word.  Relationships are what we remember about our best teacher, custodian, nurse, media specialist, principal, or cafeteria worker.  I commend our staff for the many hours they put in each day to go above and beyond to make the educational experience the best for each child.

For our parents and students, Iredell-Statesville Schools wants to be your first choice in education.  We commit to listening to you to help improve or enhance the programs we operate.  Our focus and commitment to our customers are paramount in helping to educate every student and making sure we have done our best to equip each one with the tools necessary to succeed in life.

The board, staff, and I look forward to continuing the great work our public school system has done and will continue to do moving ahead.  You have our commitment that we will always put "students first."


You have our commitment that we will always put students first.