School Bond

2014 School Bond Referendum

Message from the Superintendent:

Welcome to our website which has been created to give factual information regarding the 2014 School Bond Referendum. Our county commissioners recently approved a school bond referendum, which includes Mitchell Community College, Mooresville Graded School District, and Iredell-Statesville Schools. The citizens of our community will be given the opportunity to vote on the referendum November 4, 2014.

Over the past two years, the long-term facility needs of the schools have been studied by the Facilities Task Force. The Facilities Task Force is comprised of two county commissioners, two school board members from I-SS and MGSD, and citizen volunteers. The Facilities Task Force identified five projects for I-SS. Those projects include: Cool Spring Elementary School, North Iredell High School, Statesville Middle/Northview IB, South Iredell High School and Brawley Middle/Mt. Mourne IB. Details about each of these five projects can be found on this website.

I-SS is to receive $79.5 million as its prorated share of the total bond. We have provided a link to the Iredell County website, which provides important information about the funding for the bond and the impact on the local property tax rate.

Strong public schools are one of the pillars of our democracy and our economic well-being. Thank you for your continued support of the children in our community. I hope you will find the information provided here helpful. Our purpose is to help each of our citizens make an informed decision on November 4th.


Brady Johnson