AIG Advisory Team

AIG Advisory Team is compiled of Iredell-Statesville Schools teachers, school/district administrators, counselors, instructional coaches, community leaders, and parents.  This team meets to help review current policies and procedures contained in the current AIG Local Plan in regards to identification, services, and accountability being provided to gifted learners in our district. This group seeks to both gather and provide input into the continuous improvement of services provided to gifted learners!  The group also works together to ensure Iredell-Statesville Schools meets the state of  North Carolina Standards of Gifted Education and strives to provide equity and excellence for all students throughout the county!  

 If you are interested in supporting the work of this group during the 2023-2024  school year please contact .   We are always looking for individuals who have a unique interest in gifted education or simply just want to learn more about gifted education.  We would love to have you join us!  

Meeting Locations:  February 15th, Statesville High School Media Center beginning at 6pm

May 9th, Lake Norman High School Media Center beginning at 6pm



Team Working Together