Differentiated Education Plans

Differentiated Education Plans also referred to as DEP's are provided to all identified Gifted Learners in Iredell-Statesville Schools (K-12th).  The DEP is a specific plan agreed on by the student, parent, and school that is designed to meet the individual needs of the learner.  The plan is considered a binding document that defines how the learner's needs will be met through differentiation strategies.  Students also engage in goal setting and tracking progress towards their goals.  The plan should be reviewed annually and discussed on a regular basis.  If you have questions regarding your child's DEP please contact your child's teacher and/or your school's Differentiation Specialist.  DEP's at the elementary level are most often recorded on hard copy but can be provided digitally in unique learning situations.  Middle and high school DEP's are digital.   Every gifted student should have the support of an assigned teacher in their building assisting them with the DEP process.  Parent's do have the right to waive Gifted Services and/or DEP for their child, but this decision must be documented and discussed with your child's school annually. 

Student thinking about future goals.