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     Creating Bibliographies

         Easy Bibliography Toolkit



     Study Jams

     Communicating and People Skills

          Tips for Becoming a Better Communicator

          More Tips for Communicating and Being a Good Listener

          Toulmin's Model of Argument



     Bunnicula Research

          Book Review

          Brief Biography of the Author


     The Family Under the Bridge

          Kids' World Travel Guide - French Culture

          French Schedules


     Soft Rain

          Cherokee Tribe Research

         Chickasaw Tribe Research

          Choctaw Tribe Research

          Creek Tribe Research

          Seminole Tribe Research

          Indian Removal Act Reading #1

          Indian Removal Act Reading #2

          Food on the Trail of Tears

         Exhaustion and Disease

          The Mississippi River

          Weather on the Trail of Tears

          Actual Account of the Trail of Tears

         Native American Names and Meanings


     Esperanza Rising

          Background/History of the UN

          What the UN Does

          US Constitution - Amendment 1



         Writing an Autobiography Brainstorming Questions


     Writing Good Paragraphs

          Essential Elements of a Paragraph

          Hamburger Model/Introduction and Conclusion Information

          Information about Main Ideas and Supporting Details

          Main Idea and Details Anchor Chart

          Introductions Anchor Chart

          Conclusions Anchor Chart

          The Do's and Don'ts of Paragraph Writing



     Math Playground


          Visual using Virtual Manipulatives to Understand Decimal Division

     Virtual Math Manipulatives


          National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

         National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (Spanish Page)

     Sites for Research for Multiplication and Division Challenge Problems


          Cost of Oreos

          Oreo Nutrition Facts


          Garden Snail

         Space Shuttle


          Understanding Common Denominators Video

          Singapore Math word Problems with Fractions: How-to Examples and Videos


          NC Landmarks and Measurement WebQuest

     Area and Perimeter

          Area and Perimeter Project



    States of Matter

          What is Matter?

         The States of Matter

         States of Matter Visuals

          The Particles in the States of Matter 

         Examples of the States of Matter


     Tree House Weather Kids' Interactive Activities

     Weather WebQuest: Learn About Major Weather Events 

     Cloud in a Bottle Experiment


               The Water Cycle and Energy

               Energy from the Sun

               Why is Water Vital to Life?

          Mars Connections

               Water and Mars

               Water on Mars

          The Water in Our Houses 

               Water Treatment Process

               More About the Water Treatment Process

               Water Treatment Plant Video

               From Where Does Your Water Come?

               How Does a Well Work?

          Water and Traveling

              Water and International Travel

               Water in Different Countries - Comparison Chart

          NASA Water Cycle WebQuest

               Earth as the Water Planet

               Show Me the Water

               Precious Freshness

              The Water Cycle: Featuring Molecule Man

               Extra-For Experts

          Droughts and Flooding

              An Introduction to Droughts and Flooding with Quiz (Must Watch)

               EPA Climate Change Expeditions

               The National Drought Mitigation Center - Drought Information for Kids

               North Carolina Drought Frequently Asked Questions

               More Drought Information

              How Droughts Effect Plants

               Dendrochronology (The Study of Tree Rings) and Drought

               Flood Information from Weather Kids

               Weather Safety Kids' Information About Flooding

               Wind and Flooding


     Heat Transfer

          How a Refrigerator Works

          The History of Refrigeration

          The Science Behind Refrigeration 

          Information in Review Chart

          Overview 2

          Types of Heat Transfer

          Energy Reduction by Reducing Heat Transfer

          Practice: Test Your Knowledge of Conduction, Convection, and Radiation


          Caterpillars and Butterflies

               Butterfly Metamorphosis

               How Caterpillars Work

               Inside the Crysalis

               All About Butterflies 

     Science Experiments

          Steve Spangler Science


          Science Kids

          Science Bob

          Weather Kids

          PBS Kids - Zoom

          National Geographic

          Car and Vehicle Experiments


               Wetlands Research

               Cleanups in My Community

               Henry Ford - Environmental Innovations


               Mosquito and Parasite Activities

               Malaria Video from National Geographic


     Food and Nutrition

          Eat Smart: North Carolina's Recommended Standards


     Solar System

          Super Moon Video for Creative Writing

     Earth Day

          Earth Day Carbon Footprint Video

         Analyze Your Carbon Footprint

     Space Travel

          Physiological Changes in Space


     Kids' Engineering Resources      


Social Studies

          Secretary of State's Kids Page

     NC History


               The Math and Science of Lighthouses

      US History

          American Revolution

               Introductory Video

              The Battles of Lexington and Concord Video

              The Battles of Lexington and Concord Animation

                The Battles of Lexington, Concord, and "Bunker Hill"


              Historical Documents WebQuest 1

               Historical Documents WebQuest 2

               Amendment 16 Information

               Amendment 16 Historical Information

              Effects of Amendment 16

               Lower Federal Income Tax

               A Global Look at Personal Income Taxes

               Where Do My Income Tax Dollars Go?

               Make Your Case Interactive Jury Trial

               All About Court 

               Witness' Role

               Lawyer's Role

               Federal Courts and the Public

            Hindenburg and Titanic

               Hindenburg Information


               Survival Rate Comparison

               Comparison with Pictures

               Exhibit Information


          Public Service Announcements (Examples)

              Almost Give

               Environmental Defense Fund

               We Can Help Us

               Girl Up


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