School Tech Contacts




Tech Contact


Celeste Henkel Elementary

Christy Dorman

Christy Dorman 

Central Elementary

Patty Hepler 

Cloverleaf Elementary

Ashley Green

Ashley Green 

Coddle Creek Elementary



Cool Spring Elementary


Gregg Farr 

East Iredell Elementary

Lena Watson 

Rita Outen 

Harmony Elementary

Leigh Scott 

Leigh Scott  

Lake Norman Elementary

Lisa Malone 


Lakeshore Elementary

Melissa Loflin

Melissa Loflin

N.B. Mills Elementary

Michael Culbreth

Scotts Elementary

David Norton

Kim Perry 

Sharon Elementary

Patricia Parker

Patricia Parker

Shepherd Elementary 

Carla Stutts


Third Creek Elementary

Becky Vodek 

Crystal Hunsucker 

Troutman Elementary

Anita McMillan

Anita McMillan

Union Grove Elementary

Lisa Reese 

Lisa Reese 

Woodland Heights Elementary

Kirsten Smith




School Contact Webmaster
Agriculture and Science Early College Tenille Sherrill

The Brawley School

Dana Gillis

Katie Moose


Heather Forbis

 Lisa Myers 

Crossroads Arts and Sciences Early College    

East Iredell Middle

Lauren Roberts



Lakeshore Middle

Lori Nesbitt


Lake Norman High

Bethany Smith


North Iredell Middle

Gayle Crater 

Gayle Crater 

North Iredell High

Mickey Vestal 


NorthView IB

Allison Wilson

Allison Wilson


Nicole Childers

Sarah Evans 

South Iredell High


Jim Williams

Statesville High

Megan Van Hoy

Megan Vanhoy

Third Creek Middle    

Troutman Middle

Stephanie Justice 

Stephanie Justice 

West Iredell Middle

Samantha Little

Angela Hines

West Iredell High

Laurie Hooker 

Alan Williams

Woodland Heights Middle

Katherine Moose