If you log onto NC Cloud and choose PowerSchool admin or PowerTeacher and get this screen:

Follow these steps:
Log Off NC CLoud (actually click on Log Off), Shut the browser down (all windows)
Restart the browser, you may need to clear the cache/history
Log on to NC Cloud again
This happens when NC Cloud is not Logged Off and you change locations (home to school or school to school).
We have also found that if one browser doesn't work, try a different one and then the original browser will work.

  • Need help? Email Laura Elliott (lelliott@iss.k12.nc.us) or Trudy Wooten (twooten@iss.k12.nc.us)

  • Need  a student's password reset for NCEdCloud?  Teachers, you can reset them for your students.  Here are the instructions for how to do that. 

2019-2020 PowerSchool Weekend Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Weekends 2020 Maintenance Weekends 2021
July 17-20 January 15-17 (Tentative)
August 21-24 February 19-22
September 18-21 March 19-22
October 16-19 April 16-19
November 20-23 May 21-24
December 18-21 June (None)

*Maintenance weekends, scheduled or unscheduled, are determined by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. NCDPI schedules one (1) maintenance period a month and utilizes the remaining ITS periods as emergency periods.