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Purchasing iPad Apps

Since students in our district share iPads, we CANNOT use a regular iTunes or App Store gift card to purchase apps for student devices.  We need to go through the Apple Volume Purchasing  Program (VPP) to purchase apps.  Apps have to be purchased for each device.  Going through the VPP program, apps are discounted 50% if you purchase in quantities of 20+.

WHY can’t we use iTunes gift cards for Purchasing apps for student iPads:

  • Because our school iPads are used by multiple users, the terms of use and user agreement are different than with personal accounts.

  • Personally, you can pay for an app 1 time through itunes and it is legal to install it on the devices on your account - because those are personal devices

  • At school - since multiple people use each device - it all changes.  You have to pay for the app for each device it is installed on.

  • Since multiple student iPads  are on the same Apple ID, with a regular itunes card, there is no way to pay multiple times for an app.  After it is paid for the first time, there is no way to pay for the same app multiple times. DO NOT purchase regular iTunes cards because they can't be turned into VPP voucher

  • Through the Apple VPP some apps may be available at half price when 20 or more licenses are purchased.

I-SS Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing Apps through VPP

Apple ID Help

Apple's Webpage to  Manage your Apple ID. 

You can click forgot password and you can choose to either receive a reset link via email, or you can answer your security questions.  

The security question answers are case sensitive.  Apple is very secure so they want to make sure you are the right person to be accessing the account.


SMARTBoard Interactive Lessons to Enrich Writing

These activities can be used during whole class lessons or during intervention times.

Writing Frame Title SMART Notebook File PDF File
Character Analysis Character Analysis pdf version
How to Brush Your Teeth How to Brush Your Teeth pdf version
How to Cross the Road Safely How to Cross the Road Safely pdf version
How to Make a Sandwich How to Make a Sandwich pdf version
How to Wash Your Hands How to Wash Your Hands pdf version
Informational Text Informational Text pdf version
Informative Informative  pdf version
Opinion Writing Opinion Writing  pdf version
Personal Narrative Writing Personal Narrative Writing  pdf version
Science Observation Science Observation pdf version


Find Lessons on Smart Exchange

(You will need SMART Notebook installed in order to open the following files.)

Argumentative Writing 

Informative Writing 

Writing Process - What I Miss about Summer 


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