Child Find Process

If a parent suspects that a child has a disability and wants to make a referral, please follow these steps:

- For students enrolled in Iredell Statesville Schools, please contact the administrator or classroom teacher at your child's school.

- For students enrolled in Private School/Home School, please contact Executive Director of Exceptional Children's Programs at 704-873-9432. 

- For students who are Preschool age, please contact Coordinator of Early Childhood Development at 704-872-8115.


Child Find Process for School Age Students: Upon an oral request for an initial evaluation from a parent, the school shall provide assistance, as needed, in completing a written request. The school must hold a referral meeting within a reasonable time to review existing data and determine whether an evaluation is needed. The date the school receives the written request from the parent is the referral date. If the IEP team chooses to evaluate the child, evaluations must be conducted, eligibility must be determined, and for an eligible child, an IEP must be developed and placement completed within 90 days of receipt of the written referral.

Within thirty (30) days of receipt of written notification of concerns regarding a child, the school shall notify the child's parent in writing. 


Child Find Process for Preschool Age Students: Please contact Coordinator of Early Childhood Development at 704-872-8115.