Welcome to Kindergarten Future I-SS Graduate!

Dear Parents of a Future Iredell-Statesville Schools Graduate:

What an exciting time for you and your child.  Your child is going to begin a journey that will continue for the next 13 years.  In that time your child will learn how to read, write, count, sing, draw, play, problem solve, and make lifetime friends. 

I would like to personally welcome you to the Iredell-Statesville School District Family.  My name is Jonathan Ribbeck and I am the Director of our Elementary Schools.  As the Elementary Director, it is my job to ensure your child is cared for and receives the best education possible.  I am also available to answer questions and provide support to you and your child throughout this exciting journey.  I currently have two children in the Iredell-Statesville Schools System and they continue to receive a high quality education.  I can remember Kindergarten being one of the best years of their lives as they couldn’t wait to go to school each day and learn with their classmates.  I know your child will have the same memorable experiences as my children.

We want to be sure enrolling your child in Kindergarten is an easy process.  We are fortunate that each elementary school has a Data Manager who will be leading you along the way.  You can enroll during a school’s Kindergarten Registration or any other time that will work for you.  Each school is dedicated to making you feel welcome and a part of their family.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to meet our new Iredell-Statesville Schools future graduates.  I am looking forward to seeing the amazing things our future Kindergartners will accomplish.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at any point with questions you may have.   

Jonathan Ribbeck

What to Expect... 
We welcome you to check out any of our 17 elementary campuses.  Each school will be hosting Kindergarten Registration events where parents and guardians may learn more about the school, ask any questions, take a tour, and register their child for Kindergarten for the 2024-2025 school year.  To register your child for Kindergarten, visit the Kindergarten Registration Information page to see how each school is handling this annual event during the pandemic.

Be sure to bring your child's birth certificate and proof of address. 

Kindergarten Registration Guide

First page of the PDF file: KindergartenGuide2024

Kindergarten Eligibility
Children who reach their fifth birthday on or before August 31, 2024, are eligible to enroll in Kindergarten for the 2024-2025 school year.

Finding Your Attendance Area School
Not sure which school is in your attendance area?  Parents can find their attendance area school by calling Joy Dorty at 704.924.2027.

Immunization Requirements
North Carolina Law currently requires all students attending school to obtain the following immunizations:

  • Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (DPT, DPAT, or DT)
  • Polio (IPV, OPV)
  • Haemophilus Influenzae Type B (Hib)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)
  • Varicella

A copy of the child's immunizations must be submitted.