Iredell-Statesville Schools proudly provide services for English Learners in all schools in our district.  We develop English language proficiency, foster cultural awareness, and build academic competence in a learning environment that nurtures and empowers students to reach their full potential as globally competitive citizens. 



Rigorously educate English Learners to become proficient in academic and interpersonal English language skills by implementing the WIDA Framework, collaborating with all stakeholders, and cultivating a positive and caring learning environment. 



Together, we inspire a community of lifelong learners to become responsible and globally competitive citizens who respect cultural and linguistic diversity.



  1. Advocate self-pride and self-identity in each student’s linguistic and cultural heritage.

  2. Enable English Learners to attain English language proficiency, preparing them for work and/or further education, and citizenship.

  3. Provide professional development, mentoring, and peer support to produce highly effective ESL teachers. 

  4. Cultivate a learning community in which all students are well prepared for responsible engagement in our culturally and linguistically diverse local and global environment.