Energy Account Guidelines

Guidelines for “Energy Savings Account” Expenditures:

The money in your account is for the purchase of maintenance / facility related goods and services for your school. Maintenance / facility related is defined as services or goods which help to insure a clean, healthy, safe and efficient facility and environment. These may include any of the following categories or others approved by the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent for Facilities / Planning. Request for exceptions to these guidelines should be in writing and indicate the rationale for the request.  All Purchases must be a minimum of $500.00

Examples of Approved Categories for Expenditure:

1.    Paving / Grading / Gravel / Clearing 
2.    Painting of buildings or parking lots
3.    Flooring replacement and refinishing 
4.    Lighting upgrades or replacement
5.    Electrical improvements and repairs
6.    Mechanical system upgrades or replacement
7.    Landscaping and new plantings
8.    Playground Equipment Installation (not the purchase of equipment)
9.    Any structural repairs, improvements and renovations
10.    Cabinetry / storage units / storage buildings 
11.    Plumbing and irrigation systems
12.    Ceiling replacement or improvements
13.    Equipment used to maintain the facility and grounds 
14.    Furniture replacement
15.    Telephone / Intercom repair or replacement
16.    Fire Alarm / Security Alarm / Camera System purchase, replacement
17.    Door / Window replacement and repair
18.    Roofing replacement and repairs
19.    Guttering replacement and repairs
20.     Insulation and Soundproofing
21.    Door locks
22.    Fencing replacement, repair or new
23.    Brick and concrete
24.    Computer, Display Equipment
25.    Access Control Equipment / Installation 

Purchases must follow all existing purchase and contract guidelines. These are capital outlay funds and must meet a minimum of $500.00. Proposals for use of the money should be made to the Facilities & Planning Division prior to any work being done. Approved projects or purchases will be returned to the school to process the requisition and assign a P.O.  The approved project will flow through the school bookkeeper until completed.  When completed the invoice will be paid and deducted from the schools “Energy Savings Account”.