Maintenance Departments


The Courier Department is responsible for the delivery of mail, packages, and supplies throughout the school system.
The courier schedule can be found here.

Fred Beaver

James Dobbins

Furman Mott



The Custodial Department is responsible for the cleaning of administrative and school buildings as well as periodical inspections of district facilities for cleanliness.

Brian Johnson Tammy Allison Haldren Clark




Eric Cline Keith Gibbs Eric Gilreath




Blanca Guillen Tena Sharpe Bill Letscher




Melinda McDonald Mike Mitchell  


The Electrical Department maintains all the electrical services, equipment, and backup generators that distribute electricity throughout the buildings, parking lots, and athletic facilities.



Phil Fox

Tyler Goodin

Garrett Johnson

Crew Leader   Assistant Supervisor  





Roy Swicegood

Caleb Wooten

Doug Wooten



The Electronics Department is responsible for installing and maintaining security cameras and fire alarms as well as being responsible for access control. 

Kyle Eades

Will Perry

Andy Watts

Technician Lead Technician Locksmith

 General Maintenance

The General Maintenance Department works with preventive and reactive maintenance, including but not limited to, repairs, carpentry work, and general equipment upkeep. 

Jerome Boswell

Archie Johnson

Justin Call

Jeff McCleese

  Supervisor   Crew Leader





Tony Miller Jacob Scott Don Stewart Jerry Walker


Andy Sharpe      


The Grounds Department is responsible for maintaining the upkeep of landscaping, playground equipment repair, grading / hauling, storm drainage and clean-up, as well as fencing and gate maintenance. 

Chris Koontz

Mike Ladd

Patrick Moore

Kevin Souther

Crew Leader Assistant Supervisor                                               Supervisor


Casey Milton      


The HVAC Department maintains all HVAC systems and equipment, and is also responsible for the scheduling of HVAC for daily operations and special events.

Allen Adams

Mike Allen

Ethan Church Andrew Fox





Jason Hubbard

Joe Keaton

Eddie Odom

Jim Sherrill

  Assistant Supervisor Supervisor Energy Manager




The Plumbing Department is responsible for maintaining boilers, gas and oil hot water heaters, irrigation systems, and water that is piped in and out of all facilities including but not limited to, schools, administrative buildings, and athletic facilities.

Brian Boan

Dale Ladd

Tim Starr

Terry Tilley



Jonah Wood      


The Warehouse Department is responsible for the disposal of the district's surplus and obsolete equipment through the means of public internet auctions, recycling, or redistribution as well as the ordering of commonly used office and school supplies. 

No Deliveries after 2pm

Calvin Freeman

Allen Nicholson



The Wastewater Department manages the collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater as well as the quality of water throughout the system.



Steve Sharpe