High School Registration Guide


During the next several years, students are responsible for making significant decisions about their future. One of these decisions will be to select a high school course of study. Information contained in the Registration Guide is designed to assist students in selecting courses, which will be both relevant and rigorous. Students should consider carefully the variety and content of course offerings and select those that will coincide with their future plans, interests, and abilities.

To be competitive, a high school diploma is a minimum requirement. This guide will serve as your personal road map to challenge yourself, to achieve your academic potential, and to lead a productive and rewarding life. The following information pertains to all students who are enrolling in Iredell-Statesville Schools, unless otherwise noted.

High School Schedule
Iredell-Statesville high schools operate on a school calendar that meets the North Carolina State Board of Education requirements, based on the Public School Laws of North Carolina. The high schools operate on a 4 X 4 Block but some classes are offered Year-Long.  Students complete four courses in the fall term and four courses in the spring term, for a total of eight (8) credits per year. The typical daily schedule includes four 90-minute classes. Additional periods may also be offered prior to the regular school day or after the regular school day, depending on the specific needs of students and the requests for course offerings.

High School Promotion Standards

*10th grade = 6 Credits      *11th grade = 12 Credits      *12th grade = 20 Credits

Graduation Requirements
The Iredell-Statesville School System requires 28 units of credit for graduation (or 4 units less than the total number of courses available to take in four years)

  • Specific requirements are dependent on the year the student enrolls as a ninth grader
  • Successful completion of graduation activities required by school or district

Credit by Demonstrated Mastery 

Repeating a Course for Credit

Future Ready High School Course Curriculum

Elective Pathways

CTE Career Pathways

College Bound Athletes
If you are interested in becoming a collegiate athlete, please meet with your counselor regularly and make sure they know of your intent to ensure you are meeting the NCAA Eligibility Center requirements.

2023-2024 Registration Guide Document


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