New Hires

New Hire link to AppleTrak or Frontline will go here.

You will complete your new hire forms at the above link.  Should you need to print a copy to complete, they can be found below.

New Hire Forms

  • New Employee Orientation Forms 

    Welcome to Iredell-Statesville Schools, and congratulations on your new position with us! An email was sent to you to complete the following forms electronically. Please call Traci Johnson at 704-924-2051 if you need assistance.  

    1. Demographic Information- Please complete in its entirety.  If you are not sure of your new address, please list your current address and just remember to notify Human Resources immediately of your new address when the time comes.
    2. Employment Eligibility Form-(I-9 Form) - Complete “Section 1. Employee Information and Verification.”  Make certain you sign and date Section 1.
    3. North Carolina Tax Form (NC-4) - Complete “Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate” (bottom section).  Please pay close attention to the following sections, as we will not be able to process the form without the being completed:  Marital Status, Number of Exemptions (Line 1), Signature and Date.
    4. Federal Tax Form (W-4) - Complete “Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate” (bottom section). Please pay close attention to the following sections, as we will not be able to process the form without the being completed:  Marital Status, Number of Exemptions (Line 5), Signature and Date.
    5. Health Examination Certificate- This form is to be completed by your physician. If you do not have it completed in time to bring it with you to the New Employee Orientation, you must return it to the Human Resources within 30 days of your effective date of employment. Your paycheck will be withheld if this form is not completed.  
    6. Employee’s Record of Aggregate State of NC Service - List only employment you have had as an employee with the state of North Carolina, ending with your new position in this school district.
    7. Prior Experience Request Form- If you have been previously employed with another North Carolina state agency, please complete the top portion of this form and send it to the last state agency with which you were employed. Please bring a duplicate copy to New Employee Orientation so that I-SS will have a record of what agency you have requested verification of prior employment.
    8. Direct Deposit - Attach a voided check for the account to which you wish your monthly check to be deposited.
    9. Email/Technology– Complete this form to be assigned usernames and passwords for email and all technology requiring a login.
    10. New Hire Reporting Form – Please complete the portion under “EMPLOYEE INFORMATION.”
    11. Summary of Insurance Coverage and Employee Rates- Click here View this information to assist you in your insurance coverage decision-making prior to the New Employee Orientation you will be attending. 

    12. Acceptance of Responsibility Form 

    13. New Hire Employee Checklist - Please check off each form that you have completed and sign at the bottom.

    In addition to completing the forms electronically, please bring the following items with you to the session:

    Two forms of identification, e.g., social security card and driver’s license.  Iredell-Statesville Schools must have a copy of your Social Security Card for Payroll.

    Thank you for your cooperation in completing this paperwork. If you experience any difficulties with the forms or your insurance options, we will be happy to answer your questions. We look forward to working with you.