MTSS is a multi-tiered framework which promotes school improvement through engaging, research-based academic and behavioral practices. NC MTSS employs a systems approach using data-driven problem-solving to maximize growth for all.    

SLD and MTSS Training Slides 

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Iredell-Statesville Schools Curriculum Guides (Tier 1) 

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child

Learner variability is the new norm in classrooms nationwide. Students are more diverse than ever linguistically, economically, and culturally. Use the Learner Positioning Systems (LPS) to explore how to re-think aspects of the education system to address this diversity of learners, including applying the burgeoning field of learning sciences research to best support each student.

Digital Promise: Learner Variability Navigator Tool


MTSS District Contact Information 

Academic Support
K-5 School Teams can contact:
Kim Rector, Director of Curriculum Support
6-12 School Teams can contact: 
Sherrard Lewis Martin, Director of Curriculum Support
Behavior Support 
Jessica Smith, Behavior Coordinator