Approved Providers

A2021-2022 Providers

  1. The following contacts/providers have been approved to be in the school buildings to meet with students, provide services to students or provide programming that involves students.  If the name you are looking for is not listed below, please email Joy Dorty at
Contact Name Provider Name
Robert Alvis Collier  Children's Hope Alliance 
Bryan Joseph Gilliland Children's Hope Alliance 
 Bobbie Samuels  Children's  Hope Alliance
Zandrea Lattimore Jones 

Children's Hope Alliance

Dana Rice Hicks 

Children's Hope Alliance 

Susan Smith  Piedmont Mediation Center, Inc. 
Jessica Lemons  Piedmont Mediation Center, Inc. 
Ebony Bailey  Piedmont Mediation Center, Inc. 
Dyrita Ellis 

Piedmont Mediation Center, Inc. 

Terri Masiello Piedmont Mediation Center, Inc. 
Richard Eugene Tolbert  LifeWorks/Brian S. Hissom Associates /NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Xavier Zsarmani  Men of Valor 
Eric  T.  Scott  Men of Valor 
Eric Todd Heaggans

Men of Valor 

Anthony E. Williams  Men of Valor
Seifullah A. El-Amin  Men of Valor 
Robert Guest Jr.  Men of Valor   
Rachael Boyd The SPARC Network LLC
David John Miller  Children's Hope Alliance 

       Jackie Ray Goodson 

      Marguerite Anne Allen 

       Carrie Jenkins                           Truth Girlz/Pregnancy Resource Center

      Christina Lovelace                  Truth Girlz/Pregnancy Resource Center

     Ashley  Salvatore                      Truth Girlz/Pregnancy Resource Center 

     Ricky S. Dyson                             Iron Sharpens Iron 

     James Wesley Dezern           Iron Sharpens Iron        

     Shanika Turner                           After Shock Youth Enpowerment 

     Lindsey Peiffer                           Girls on the Run of the Greater Piedmont

     Ivy DeLeon                                    Girls on the Run of the Greater Piedmont 

    Kristina Coleman                        Girls on the Run of the Greater Piedmont 

    Darlyn  Holland Rivers            Aftershock Youth Empowerment