Discipline and Behavior Expectations

The basic discipline policy includes the following action steps:

  •  Talking to the child about the problem

  •  Removing the child from the group or area

  •  Limiting privileges

  •  Initiating a period of time-out

  •  Consulting with parent

A parent/guardian contacted about behavior problems is expected to cooperate with staff in assuring the elimination of inappropriate behavior.

Children are expected to comply with all regular school rules and regulations. Discipline will be handled by the site director, the program assistants, and in some cases, by the school principal or assistant principal.

A student will be suspended from the program if, after he/she has been counseled and the parent has been involved, and his/her behavior continues to be unacceptable. This shall be determined by the director and/or principal. Fees for the remainder of the period of suspension will not be refunded.

The length of suspension will be determined by the director and principal.

Suspension and/or dismissal can occur without warning to parents if the director and/or principal feel that a situation warrants it.

Suspension from Prime Time can occur for the following reasons:

  • Unresolved discipline problems;
  • Failure to pay monthly fees promptly
  • Failure to properly register your child, and/or
  • Repeated failure of parent/guardian to pick up student promptly at or before 6:00 p.m.