What does it cost?

Prime Time Monthly Rates

 Full time a.m.   $115.00/month
 Full time p.m.  $275.00/month
 Part time a.m. (3 days per week)  $97.00/month
 Part time p.m. ( 3 days per week)  $180.00/month
 Full time a.m. & p.m.  $285.00/month
 Part time a.m. & p.m.  (3 days per week)  $204.00/month
(as of February 1, 2021)


Yearly Registration fee is $25.00 per child paid once per year.

Please note that Morning care is not offered at all sites.

Teacher Work Days $25.00 per day in addition to monthly tuition fee

Pro-rated Days $13.75 per day (August, June, and when a child starts mid-month)

Late Pick-Up Fee $10.00 for every 15 minute increment. Time begins at 6:00 p.m. 


Online Payment Option Now Available

Prime Time is now excited to offer an online payment option for your monthly Prime Time charges.  To pay online, click here.


Iredell-Statesville Schools has enrolled with ChecXchange to handle all returned checks. Over 85 school districts are now using this service offered by ChecXchange. We are looking forward to working with CHECKredi in making the collection of returned checks a more effective and efficient process for our school system. For more information click here.