AP Academy

Advanced Placement


What is AP Academy? 

AP stands for Advanced Placement coursework.  Advanced Placement offerings are sponsored and supported by the College Board.   Information is available through the College Board Website -What is AP?   Advanced Placement courses allow students to earn early college credits while attending high school. These courses are most often yearlong and provide students college level curriculum.  Students often must meet prerequisites to qualify for AP Courses and at the conclusion of each course must take and pass the Advanced Placement Exam aligned to their selected course(s) in order to earn the college credit.  Within Iredell-Statesville Schools all traditional high schools offer AP coursework.  However, West Iredell Middle School and West Iredell High School are working together to create a partnership of support for students to increase accessibility to AP offerings! 

West Iredell Middle School Pre-AP Academy  West Iredell Middle School provides Pre-AP Academy classes to enable middle schoolers to begin to develop the skill set needed to be successful in AP coursework at the high school level.  West Middle school uses SpringBoard curriculum resources supported by the College Board for grades 6-12 to help develop students who are ready for advanced courses!  The best part is by the time students are in 8th grade they have the opportunity to leave middle school with four early high school credits! 

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West Iredell High School AP Capstone AcademyWest Middle Students who are wishing to continue their AP journey may do so right at their home high school by applying and being accepted to the AP Capstone Academy.  As early as Freshmen year students are able to begin a personally designed pathway to navigate a series of AP Courses to help them graduate with early college credits and earn the prestigious AP Capstone Diploma.   

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West Iredell Middle School-Principal Angel Dalton  

West Iredell High School-AP Coordinator Ben Conklin

Iredell-Statesville Schools-Director of Gifted Learning  Kelly Hinson