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Welcome to Virtual Iredell-Statesville Schools!  We are excited that you have made a decision to use online learning as an option to meet your educational needs.  Online learning provides a way for your flexible scheduling needs to be met and opens a door for personalized learning to be delivered! 

Virtual Iredell-Statesville Schools, also called Virtual I-SS  or VISS,  houses online courses created and taught by our own I-SS teachers.  I-SS created online courses follow state curriculum and state testing expectations. Virtual I-SS also uses other resources to provide courses to students when an I-SS created course is not available.  In most instances where I-SS courses are not available, Virtual I-SS will meet the need through North Carolina Virtual Public School.  NCVPS courses also follow state curriculum and state testing guidelines.  In other unique situations where a course is needed to meet an elective requirement or credit recovery need we will also utilize Edgenuity and/or Edmentum to provide additional access to courses.    

Virtual I-SS provides multiple pathways to accessing and using our online courses!  The first route is more of a traditional route where students continue to attend their current brick and mortar middle or high school and take one or two virtual courses right alongside their face to face courses.  They can work on these courses during their regular school day schedule.  High Schools have learning labs with Digital Lab Assistants who can help support the virtual coursework during the regular instructional day.

Another option is the Iredell-Statesville Schools (I-SS) Virtual Academy grades K-12.  This option is for the student who wants to work 100% virtually from home and not report to a brick and mortar school building for class.  This option requires an application, a student readiness assessment for middle and high schoolers and a recommendation from your current school.  This option provides real time, synchronous, instruction for elementary and middle school students through zoom and other conference tools and provides asynchronous flexible schedule courses for  high school students.   This option began in 2021-2022 and families who are interested may access I-SS Virtual Academy school website for more information.     

Finally, Virtual I-SS offers iAcademy.  iAcademy has two sites located at the Career and Technical School (CATS) in Troutman for middle and high schoolers and Cloverleaf Elementary for K-5 students.  iAcademy provides online learning opportunities for  homeschool students through building a homeschooling partnership between the family and school to work together to meet state instructional requirements.  The parent or guardian must have a homeschool certificate issued from the state of NC before enrolling. The homeschool student may then register with the iAcademy and complete some of their coursework virtually using the available virtual course options. The iAcademy provides a location for students to come and take the courses if needed or the students may take their courses from their own home.  One thing is certain, all of these options provide students with access to a wonderful virtual learning experience!

Virtual I-SS looks forward to supporting you as you work towards your academic goals. We have a desire to provide for you the best online learning experience possible and assist you with finding the best option for taking your virtual courses. Virtual I-SS supports the mission and vision of Iredell-Statesville Schools through ensuring success for all students by igniting a passion for learning! We want to ensure all of our students are globally competitive and college and career ready!  

For General Questions or More Specific Information on Virtual I-SS Courses and Learning Options Please Contact:

Kelly Hinson, Director of Gifted Learning, IB, and Online Programs  

Principal Iredell-Statesville Schools Virtual Academy   

222 Knox Street 

Statesville, NC 28677